an interactive peep-show
Digital activation

Diesel Erotica

Diesel Erotica SS14

is one of the sexiest campaign from Diesel featuring Brooke Candy and Tesa Kuragi
Nicolas Formichetti was highly inspiring by BDSM using leather and steel details in this collection

Diesel needed to have an original way to introduce the Erotica SS14 collection, drive the customer instore and make them suscribe to the brand's WeChat account.

We created an interactive peep-show: the customers were able to scan a QR code in the fitting room to browse thought the Erotica SS14 collection. Thanks to their mobile used as a remote, they could select a product and start a sexy peep-show starring Brooke Candy and Tesa Kuragi.


Conception, art direction, production with
Pauline Perol